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Increase Throughput

Increase Throughput


Incorporating Smart Manufacturing In Your Day To Day Process

  • Helping you determine where processes can be automated
  • Overcoming situations where each person can only do their specific job or task
  • Recording process value for future analysis

Implementing Dashboards to Provide Real-Time Manufacturing and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

  • Tracking specifications, process validation, and rework
  • Identifying excess raw materials and finished stacked goods
  • Displaying downtime and quality to operators in real time

Creating a Way To Seamlessly Share Information Between All Levels and Departments of Your Facility

  • Migrating documents from outdated spreadsheets/filing cabinets
  • Digitize all paperwork
  • Utilize reporting software to automate and display results across the company
  • Reduce the likelihood of paperwork duplication and expiration

Smart Manufacturing and Remote Monitoring Allow You to Monitor Equipment From Any Place At Any Time

  • Enhancing current infrastructure to allow for remote access
  • Dashboards that are accessible across the organization
  • Remote employee support

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Smart Manufacturing Consultants

Check out some of the specific ways CBT can help improve automation, KPIs, information sharing, and remote monitoring, above. If you’re hoping to improve the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of your day-to-day operations, contact one of our smart manufacturing consultants to help improve your bottom line today. 

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