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Online NFPA 70E Training



This training meets the requirements of OSHA and the NFPA and is intended for qualified electrical workers who have received NFPA 70E training in the past. Whether students are taking the course for the first time, or are meeting the 3-year requirement, our online course checks all the boxes!


Perks of online instructor-led training

  • Certified Training: Because our training is instructor-led, it meets the requirements for certified qualified training. Printed certificate upon successful completion of the exam, easily accessible in a secure database.
  • Ease of Training: Students can choose which date and time fit their schedule, making it easy to get their training done.


Training Dates:

April 9th, 12 PM EST

April 14th, 10 PM EST

April 16th, 8:30 AM EST

May 14th, 12 PM EST

May 21st, 8:30 AM EST

June 11th, 12 PM EST

June 18th, 8:30 AM EST

July 9th, 12 PM EST

July 14th, 10 PM EST

July 16th, 8:30 AM EST

August 13th, 12 PM EST

August 20th, 8:30 AM EST

September 10th, 12PM EST

September 17th, 8:30 AM EST

October 8th, 12PM EST

October 13th, 10 PM EST

October 15th, 8:30 AM EST

November 12th, 12 PM EST

November 19th, 8:30 AM EST

December 10th, 12 PM EST

December 17th, 8:30 AM EST


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